Parents – Two Pet Peeves

Hi Everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful Easter and your week has started great.  Today, I want to talk more about children and reading.  It could make a difference is your child’s life.

Literacy doesn’t start when your child starts to school.  It starts at birth.  Babies and children are learning skills they’ll use in reading.  I have two Pet Peeves I want to discuss today.


The best way to instill an interest in reading is to READ to your child. You would be shocked at the number of parents I have talked with during my career who didn’t read to their child.  Many parents have told me, “Oh yes, Little Johnny has many books at home.  He has torn almost everyone of them apart!”  After asking some more pertinent questions, I discover the parent isn’t taking time with the child to teach the basic skills needed and the child is Developmentally Delayed because of environmental factors.  The child is delayed because of the lack of experience.

2. VISION AND HEARING SCREENING – If you feel there is a problem, Don’t Wait

The years between ages 3-5 are critical for reading growth in a child.  Do know that children who are having difficulties with reading are usually not tested until the first grade. Parents, you can help.  (Sometimes the cause may be a vision or hearing problem.)

1.  Have the child’s vision and hearing checked.  (I have had many students who were hindered during the 3-5 critical years because they had not been checked.)  Many children are not screened until they enter a private school program or public school.  If you feel your child is having difficulties, don’t wait.  Be aware and look for the signs.


  • squints or blinks often
  • rubs his eyes when not sleepy
  • has trouble naming objects
  • avoids scribbling on paper
  • has trouble following an object with his eyes
  • more medical concerns are a wandering or crossed eye, drainage

Of course, ask your pediatrician.  There could be other symptoms.


  • not reacting to loud noises
  • not responding to your voice
  • making simple sounds that taper off

Ear Infections can cause a hearing loss.  This could affect the child’s learning.

  • pull or rubs on ear
  • constantly irritable
  • become inattentive
  • does not understand directions
  • often asks for television, radio, and other devices to be louder
  • has a fever
  • has ear pain

Again, it could be something else.  Ask your doctor.

Parents, I encourage you to share your story if you have been through any of these situations.  I feel it would benefit another parent or guardian.


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About sarastinson

Sara is the youngest child of three children. She grew up in a small town in Elba, Alabama. She grew up reading “The Nancy Drew” series. She also enjoyed reading over and over the “13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey” by Kathryn Tucker Windham and Margaret Gillis Figh. After retiring from teaching, her own children encouraged her to start writing. “Finger Bones” (Volume 1 and 2) was written. She is writing the third volume now. She has also written a Young Adult book called Night Owl. It's Book One from the Hally Witch Series and will be published in October 2015. She is currently working on another Young Adult book called Jordan - Circle of Fire. Her goal is to have it out by December 2015. Sara continues to substitute at nearby schools. She enjoys sharing her characters with her students. They have become her cheering squad along with her family.
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4 Responses to Parents – Two Pet Peeves

  1. sharonledwith says:

    Wow, Sara, you are a fountain of knowledge! Thanks for sharing and making parents aware of vision and hearing problems. Will definitely share this gem. Cheers!

  2. Lisa Orchard says:

    Great post Sara! I’m surprised at the number of parents who don’t realize how important it is to read to their children at a young age. I started reading to them as soon as they were born…maybe a little early! (LOL) I was one of those eager Moms! Still am! 🙂

    • sarastinson says:

      That is wonderful. I was one of those too. So sad when they start kindergarten and can not distinguish a letter from a number. Some parents did not understand TO understand. They thought reading was just reading. The child had no basic fundamentals.

      Thank you for visiting! 🙂

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